ASIX Asia Satellite Internet eXchange Limited

ASIX was founded in 2005 with the vision of becoming one of the most reliable, yet cost effective Teleport Operator in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our aim is to achieve this by providing high quality satellite-based solution.

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ASIX Asia Satellite Internet eXchange Ltd. (ASIX) was founded in February 2005 and based in Hong Kong. ASIX Group is one of the limited few Unified Carrier Licence (UCL) licensees in Hong Kong which operate satellite teleports and provide satellite-based external telecommunications services to the general public. And more importantly, ASIX Group is the ONLY teleport operator in Hong Kong which is licensed to provide, besides Fixed Satellite Services (FSS), full-range of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) including Maritime MSS, Aeronautical MSS and Land MSS. ASIX operates its teleport on a land lot leased from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and has the lease fully paid for a 25 years term commencing February 2000. The lot of land has gross area of 2,578 square meters. The assets are the absolute property of ASIX free from any encumbrance. All terms of the UCL have been duly complied with. The use of the land is also in accordance with the terms that provided for in the Land Use Agreement and in compliance to all applicable legislation and statutory requirements.

ASIX's Group Companies

ASIX Asia Limited is a BVI registered company. ASIX Asia 100% wholly owns two Hong Kong based operating companies involved in the provision of satellite communications services. These companies are ASIX Asia Satellite Internet Exchange Limited (ASIX) and STT Limited (STTL). ASIX is a holder of Services-Based Operator (SBO) Licence (formerly Public Non-Exclusive Telecom Services - PNETS) (License Number #1201) and retains all customer contracts for international satellite services. This SBO license allows ASIX to offer domestic and regional International Value-Added Network Services (IVANS) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) services in Hong Kong. STT Limited is holder of a Unified Carrier License (License Number #005, to operate the satellite earth stations and to provide cable-based and satellite-based external telecommunication services in Hong Kong.

ASIX's Unique Competitive Advantages

  • Expansion capacity to provide small and large dishes for partners;
  • Non-vertically integrated with any satellite operator allows competitive access to most satellites without prejudice;
  • Flexible approach to business (billing and service) allowing customized solutions and innovative cooperative models;
  • Industry professionals with over 100 years of collective satellite service operations experience;
  • Slim organization structure resulting in fast responding to clients changing needs;
  • Proactive service monitoring and strong technical support are well recognized by all existing clients and service partners;
  • From around 50Mbps of traffic in Oct-05 (4 months after commenced service in Jun-05) to over 600Mbps in Oct-10. ASIX has achieved remarkable compound annual growth rate of 165% and is the fastest growing teleport not only in Hong Kong, but also in this region;
  • Regional presence. ASIX has recently granted license to other satellite ISP services in Afghanistan and also in the process of applying license in other regional countries;

ASIX Teleport and Facilities

Located in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island, the ASIX teleport is strategically positioned that it can access to almost all satellites ranging from the 49 Degrees E over Indian Ocean Region to 180 Degrees E over Pacific Ocean Region. The total building and improvement area is over 750 square meters with about 200 square meter are raised floor areas. The building and raised floor areas are fitted with state-of-art colocation facilities including air-conditioning systems, full UPS power supply system including back-up generator, fire detection and FM-200 fire suppression system, CCTV and security systems.

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