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Teleport Hosting and International Data Services

STTL Teleport and Facilities

Located in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island, the STTL teleport is strategically positioned that it can access to almost all satellites ranging from the 55E over Indian Ocean Region to 180E over Pacific Ocean Region. The total building and improvement area is over 1000 sq. meters with about 300 sq. meter are raised floor areas. The building and collocation areas are fitted with state-of-the-art collocation facilities including air-conditioning systems, full UPS power supply system including back-up generator, fire detection and FM-200 fire suppression system, water leakage detection, CCTV and intrusion alarm system.

Unique Competitive Advantages

● Expansion capacity to provide small and large antenna hosting for partners;
● Non-vertically integrated with a satellite operator allows competitive access to most satellites without prejudice;
● Flexible approach to business (billing and service) enables customized solutions and innovative cooperative models;
● State-of-the-art facilities built by the top property developer in Hong Kong -- Sun-Hung Kai;
● Closest location to Central, only 20 minutes from the major economic hub of Asia;
● Teleport located well away from commercial and residential areas to minimize radio frequency interference.

Teleport Expansion Capabilities

● 1 x 6.3M dishes for 95E to 120E on existing antenna farm;
● 1 x 6.3M and 1 x 9M dishes for 110E to 180E on extended platforms;
● 1 x 6.3M for 60E to 180E on the roof of the 2-storey building;
● 6 x 4.5M dishes for TVRO or uplink services 60E to 180E on the roof of main building;
● We have enough space to put any new requirements for additional dishes for accessing any Satellite;
● Also providing 24/7 monitoring, engineering and maintenance services Data Centre.

Teleport Hosting Services

For satellite operators or other satellite-based service providers/users that wish to establish a base in Hong Kong, acquiring and maintaining a satellite-based carrier licence requires in-depth understanding of the Hong Kong telecom regulation regime, building a teleport and complying to use of land terms and other regulatory & ordinance requirements are also costly and time-consuming.

STTL's Teleport Hosting Service offers a perfect solution for entities that look for fast and economical ways to deploy their earth stations and service infrastructures. STTL is satellite-operator neutral and can cover the operations of its teleport hosting partners' radiocommunication installations with STTL's UCL. Furthermore, with STTL maintaining the land, the buildings and continuous upgrading of the teleport and collocation facilities, STTL's partners can focus themselves with their core business.We at STTL commit ourselves to enable our teleport hosting partners with establishing the lowest possible cost base and thus greatly enhance the chance and shorten the time required for our partners to be successful with their business.

International Data Services

STTL also provides International Data Services for enterprise and corporate customers who want to share-use STTL's various antenna systems to establish satellite-based private international circuits between their premises in Hong Kong and overseas offices. Clients have the options to either lease their own space segment directly from the satellite operators and just subscribe to STTL's ground segment services or have STTL to provide them end-to-end services bundled with full space segment and Hong Kong ground segment services. STTL has local service partners in many overseas countries that can help our clients with satellite equipment installation, annual maintenance, emergency call-out as well as acquiring local license in their overseas destinations.

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