Asix IP BW Services
ASIX Satellite IP Bandwidth Services
ASIX Satellite Bandwidth Services can be classified as the following three types:

1.1 One-way DVB Services
1.2 Two-way SCPC Services
1.3 Two-way SCPC/DVB hybrid Services

1.1 One-way DVB Services

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) today has been developed to include encapsulation techniques which allow the MPEG-2 data packets to carry traffic at the same multi-Megabit/sec speed as digita television. The data gateway - or DVB encapsulator acts as a bridge between the IP world and the DVB world. IP packets are encapsulated into MPEG-2 packets which are multiplexed into MPEG transport streams and uplinked for transmission by satellite in DVB-S format.

The architecture of One-way DVB Satellite Service involves using satellite connectivity for broadband downstream and a narrowband return channel via a telephone modem, GPRS, ISDN or other terrestrial connections.

Advantages of these services include:-

* Low cost hardware;
* Easy to Install;
* Carreir Grade Service and
* Scalable bandwidth

1.2 Two-way SCPC Services

SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) is a satellite transmission system with a separate carrier for each channel.  The primary advantage of SCPC is the architecture which allows full connectivity between the remote and the hub station. SCPC allows incremental usage of the satellite transponder and therefore allows a highly flexible expansion of bandwidth according to requirements. With regards to IP over satellite, SCPC/SCPC transmission is also the preferred choice for voice-over-IP (VoIP) and other delay critical applications.

SCPC can fulfill all needs of business applications. Some of those applications are given below:

* Internet Access
* Voice communications
* High Rate Data Transfer
* Video Conference

1.2 Two-way SCPC / DVB Services

Digital Video Broadcast with Return Channel via Satellite is the open standard enabling interactive broadband communication via satellite without the need for any terrestrial infrastructure whatsoever. The forward (downstream) channel takes advantage of the DVB multiplex, the return channel (upstream) works on the basis of the more classical SCPC. When the DVB forward stream is combined with a SCPC return channel via satellite this becomes a DVB/SCPC hybrid solution.

The Service combines the benefits of DVB and SCPC:

* forward bandwidth is cheaper compared to SCPC;
* satellite return path is relatively more reliable than terrestrial return connectivity
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