ASIX Satellite Accessibility

ASIX is carrier neutral, today we have uplink/downlink capabilities to the below satellites/beams in our teleport and through our teleport partners. Ranging from very large antennae’s such as 13M, 11M, 9M etc. ASIX has a wide variety of different sizes of C and Ku band antennae on its facility in different locations. Below is the Up/Down capability of ASIX to provide any satellite solutions to its customers:

Up/Down Link

Satellite Orbital Location Band
Asiasat - 5 100.5°E C/Ku
Asiasat - 6 120°E C
Asiasat - 7 105.5°E C/Ku
Asiasat - 9 122°E C/Ku
ABS-6 159°E C/Ku
Apstar - 7 76.5°E C/Ku
Apstar - 9 142°E C/Ku
Apstar - 6C 134°E C/Ku
Apstar - 5C 138°E C/Ku
Chinasat - 10 110.5°E C/Ku
Chinasat - 11 98°E C/Ku
Chinasat - 12 87.5°E C/Ku
Chinasat - 15 51.5°E C
ASIX facilities also have “Receive-only” capability from most of the hot-birds in APAC region:


Satellite Orbital Location Band
Intelsat-17 66°E C
Intelsat-7/20 68.5°E C
Intelsat-22 72.1°E C
Intelsat-19 166°E C
Thaicom-5/6 78.5°E C
GSAT – 10 83°E C
Measat-3/3A 91.5°E C
Steerable 66°E to 166°E C & Ku