Shared and dedicated TDMA

TDMA is a type of time-division multiplexing (TDM), with the special point that instead of having one transmitter connected to one receiver, there are multiple transmitters. TDMA requires a centralized control node, whose primary function is to transmit a periodic reference burst that defines a frame and forces a measure of synchronization of all the users. The frame so-defined is divided into time slots, and each user is assigned a Time Slot in which to transmit its information.

ASIX dedicated and non-dedicated TDMA/FTDMA/MXDMA etc. using different HUB technology which includes iDirect, Newtec, Hughes, Spacebridge, Gilat etc. in different ASIX facilities to serve 2/3 of the globe.

A complete solution to the customers on TDMA based carriers for dedicated and non-dedicated (contended) services using different HUB technology from different location and facilities in APAC, Middle East and European region have given an added advantage to ASIX customers for a variety of choices across the globe. The ASIX ground support team in different region also make it very easy for the customers to install and commission the satellite services. The long experience on satellite technology that is acquired by ASIX engineering team over the years is an incredible asset for the regional customers to avail. ASIX engineering team comprises with different nationality who speaks different languages make the life easier for its clientele for an easy operation.